Cisco 1700 hung vty sessions

Try show tcp brief and once you locate them clear tcp tcb the session that's it let us know how it goes...

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At lease once a week I have to reboot the Cisco 1700 router because there are hung vpn connections and people can VPN anymore. Is there a command which automatically kills these sessions or at least properly disconnects them. Thanks

#sh user

Interface User Mode Idle Peer Address Vi1 Virtual PPP (ATM ) 00:00:00 Vi2 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 2d20h Vi3 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 2d20h Vi4 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 2d19h Vi5 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 2d03h Vi6 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 2d01h Vi7 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 1d20h Vi8 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 1d18h Vi9 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 1d10h Vi10 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 1d02h Vi11 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 21:38:44 Vi12 Virtual PPP (PPTP ) 19:32:53

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"show tcp brief" only shows the users that are actually logged on. I need a command that clears all these Vi interfaces so I dont have to reboot every week. When I reboot the router and do a "sh user". I will only get this below:

---------------------------------------------------------- #sh user

Interface User Mode Idle Peer Address Vi1 Virtual PPP (ATM ) 00:00:00


Then it will eventually start banking up again as people VPN in and there will be no more Vi Interfaces left so I have to reboot again.

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Comon guys this cant be too hard!!

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