! help with Cisco 837 ADSL Router

I have a Cisco 837 ADSL Router, I have checked the relevant interfaces and they are all up, but i still cannot get access to the internet, here is my config;

Any help gratefully received :)

Thanks Hudson

Building configuration...

Current configuration : 1823 bytes ! version 12.3 service nagle no service pad service timestamps debug uptime service timestamps no service password-encryption ! hostname Router ! boot-start-marker boot-end-marker ! logging buffered 16364 debugging ! no aaa new-model ip subnet-zero ! ! ip tcp path-mtu-discovery ip tftp source-interface Dialer0 ip name-server (my isp dns server1) ip name-server (my isp dns server2) ip audit notify log ip audit po max-events 100 ip ssh break-string no ftp-server write-enable no scripting tcl init no scripting tcl encdir ! ! ! no crypto isakmp enable ! ! ! ! interface Ethernet0 ip address hold-queue 1 ! interface ATM0 mtu 1464 no ip address no atm ilmi-keepalive pvc 0/38 encapsulation aal5mux ppp dialer dialer pool-member 1 ! dsl operating-mode auto ! interface FastEthernet1 no ip address duplex auto speed auto ! interface FastEthernet2 no ip address duplex auto speed auto ! interface FastEthernet3 no ip address duplex auto speed auto ! interface FastEthernet4 no ip address duplex auto speed auto ! interface Dialer0 mtu 1464 ip address (my static ip) encapsulation ppp ip tcp adjust-mss 1420 dialer pool 1 keepalive 5 ppp authentication chap callin ppp chap hostname (my username) ppp chap password 0 (my password) ! ip classless ip route Dialer0 no ip http server no ip http secure-server ! ! dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit ! control-plane ! ! line con 0 exec-timeout 15 0 password (my password) login no modem enable transport preferred all transport output all stopbits 1 line aux 0 transport preferred all transport output all line vty 0 4 exec-timeout 15 0 password (my password) login transport preferred all transport input all transport output all ! scheduler max-task-time 5000 ! end

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conf t int dialer 0 dialer-group 1 exit

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I tried that and it made no difference, I sill cant connect any help would be gratefully received.

Thanks, Mark

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Mark Hodge

Here are some troubleshooting docs that you might give a try

  1. Troubleshooting Layer 1 on a Cisco 827 Router

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  1. ADSL Troubleshooting

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You need to configure 'nat inside' on E0 and 'nat outside' on your dialer interface. Then configure a ip nat statement, in it's most basic for it will be something like this:

interface Ethernet0 ip nat inside ! interface Dialer0 ip nat outside ! ip nat inside source list 100 interface Dialer0 overload ! access-list 100 permit ip any any



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Martin Kayes

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