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Today I will be a adding a vlan to our network. Since this is the first time I will be doing this I'm quite nervous about it.

Before I do could someone please give me a little guide to this. I've written my notes on it but just to confirm what I have.

Currently my network switches are 3524/48 xl series. The VTP status on all of them is set to "server" except for one which is set to "transparent".

The Switchport access on the gigabit trunk links between the six switches is allowing all vlans. So I assume I don't need to do anything with the spanning tree command.

Do I just add the vlan one by one to each switch, would this be ok and not cause a loop?

Thanks for your advice.


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Hi Suppose you are after vlans adding operation. It is not necessary to add vlans on each switch - do it on one with server mode and information will be propagated to all switches in the vtp domain. Be sure that all switch that should have the same vlans are in the same vtp domain with correct password - if set. Dont bother yourself with loops - STP is the protocol responsible for it. If you have many vlans run some kind of PVSTP (per vlan STP) for loops prevention. Regards, Andrew

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