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I have acquired a cisco 3660 that I am trying to configure at home and move into a small business environment.

I have verizon fios at home with a wireless router. However, my business place has a verizon DSL.

My goal is to configure all traffice through the 3660 so that I can apply acls to serve as another level of security:

Internet -> verizon ISP -> verizon wireless router -> workstations

Internet -> verizon ISP -> verizon wireless router -> 3660 ->


Is there anything special I need to do on the 3660 for fios connectivity?

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Has anyone set a network up similiar to this. Please help!!!!

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Shouldn't need anything special; just put your router behind theirs. =20 You probably want to let theirs do the DHCP, so set yours to do no NAT.

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