[telecom] Verizon Raises FiOS Prices, Speed

Verizon Raises FiOS Prices, Speed
June 18, 2012
Verizon Communications Inc. raised prices and increased the speeds
for its home Internet service, making data a bigger part of
consumers' monthly bill for phone, television and broadband service.
The New York-based telecom company estimated the move would add about
$10 to $15 per month to the average customer's data bill but noted
that users may be able to adjust their television packages to pay
roughly the same monthly total that they pay now. Some customers
already have cut or scaled back their pay-TV bill and now use their
Web connection to watch TV.
The data bill for Verizon's FiOS customers will be based on the
network's speed, as set by the customer. Faster speeds will cost more
money. Focusing on the speeds allows Verizon to charge more to those
who demand more from the network and provides the company with an
easy way to adjust prices as Internet habits change.
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