Etherchannel - which mode should I use?

Hi all,

I am wondering which etherchannel mode should I use and why? From what I can see Etherchannel can be used across Cisco 3750 stacks as long as the stack runs on IOS 12.2(25)SE or newer and one uses LACP, but if I am reading this correctly below two should work:

channel-group [#] mode on (disables PAgP, enables LACP) and channel-group [#] mode active (use LACP in an active mode, it will start to send LACP packets)

If so, which one should I use and what are the pros and cos of both? Could someone clarify this for me?

Thanks a lot.

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Adam Przestroga
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Six of one, half-dozen of the other. Both work just fine, the only real difference is that LACP is an IEEE standard and PAgP is Cisco proprietary.

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