Re: Which Toll-Free Number Provider Should I Use?

I want to get a toll-free number that terminates at my cell phone

> number. A package with a 100 minutes/month would be acceptable. Who > should I use?

You're putting information in a question that has no meaning. When you get a toll free inward number, you pay based on minutes of use. The 100 minutes means nothing.

I use Touchtone for both inward and outward. It cost me 1`.99 a month to terminate the number and I pay 4-5 cents per minute billed in tenths for my service. I am a agent for the company, but you can also sign up directly at

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I pay with a credit card, but usually I just pay about $25 at a time and work off a surplus balance.

Carl Navarro

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But there are in-WATS 'packages' which allow a certain number of minutes at a set price per month. Obviously you need to use as close to this allotment as possible in order to avoid wasting money. As an example, one hundred minutes per month may wind up costing a bit more per minute (over all) than the next size package of two hundred minutes which is a bit less per minute, again, assuming you use them all. The more minutes you buy (and contract to pay for) each month, the less expensive the minutes become. PAT]
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