Connecting Passport 8600 to Cisco Switches

I am trying to connect a Cisco 2950 10/100 switch to our Passport 8600. I am trying to connect two ports between the two switches. Cisco calls this etherchannel and Nortel calls it MLT. I am trying to use the standard LACP(802.3ad) to connect the two ports together. Our Passport is running 3.7.4 code version. Looking for help in configuring this. So far I have not been able to get any of the ports to come up. According to some google searches, they are supposed to be compatible using the standard. Has anyone setup anything like this between Nortel and Cisco? So far this is what I have configured on the switches. Any comments would be appreciated.

Cisco - I have tried all the different modes. Switch(config)# interface type mod/num

Switch(config-if)# channel--protocol lacp

Switch(config-if)# channel--group number mode {onn | passive | active}

Switch(config-if)# lacp port--priority priority

Nortel config mlt 4 create config mlt 4 lacp enable config mlt 4 lacp key 1 config ethernet 10/2 lacp key 1 config ethernet 10/4 lacp key 1 config ethernet 10/2 lacp aggregation true config ethernet 10/4 lacp aggregation true config ethernet 10/2 lacp enable config ethernet 10/4 lacp enable config lacp enable

Thanks in advance. Billy

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Just using the 100Mb ports on both sides. Eventually what I would like to do if I get it working is use a 3750 stack and connect back to the

8600 with 2Gb ports.
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MTU is a problem between Cisco & Nortel. NO autonegotiate. Do you have a link lite on either side?

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I actually got this to work on Friday. I had to set the ports to manual Full/100 and the links came up. I did run into another problem. Once the links came up, on of our BPS2000 swithces hosed up. I had to unplug the Cisco switch and restart the BPS. Strange thing is there are no loops, the switches are on different networks. I am wondering if there is some type of conflict between Cisco IOS and BPS 2000 switches. I had a simialar problem one time before where I was plugging a Cisco 2950 into a BPS and it was knocking people off the network. As soon as I would unplug the switch the problem would clear up. I was using the Cisco switch with it's default config. I can list the commands that ended up working if anyone is intrested.

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Just seen this thread..i am trying to do the same.

Looks like you don't need to use SMLT or IST for this???

I have a two nortel 8600 3.7 with IST.. trying with SMLT to a single

cisco 3750 using etherchannel which has two 100mb links to the


When creating the SMLT is aggregation to be enabled?? I need to trunk

multiple VLANs down the links. I think i have created LACP MLT/SMLT

as you cannot make a port go into LACP??

The port channel shows as down on the Cisco, all nortel/cisco ports

are up and forced 100/full.

Please could someone send me instructions..seen lots threads saying it

is possible but none saying how..

Thanks in adavance.


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