Dynamic to Static PIX to PIX VPN

So this continues...I found that I can configure a DHCP public PIX with a PIX that has a static address so I setup the following 'minilab' at my desk to test'er out. I think I'm almost there but am having one snag that someone more attuned to this might be able to catch.

Both PIXs are connected to a network: There is a DHCP server on this network. One PIX pulls a DHCP address and the other is statically set. Therefore:


The private sides of the devices are: Static-PIX: DHCP-PIX:

When I try to start a ping from the DHCP-Pix LAN to the Static-PIX LAN (Which is the way this is going to need to work out in the real world), I get the following from 'debug crypto isakmp'

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Check to be sure that the default route really was set.

Use the 'capture' command or an ethernet sniffer in order to check to see how far the packets are getting.

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Walter Roberson

The two PIXs are on the same switch. I did test to see if they could talk to each other...

dhcp-pix# ping response received -- 0ms response received -- 0ms response received -- 0ms

And the other way... response received -- 0ms response received -- 0ms response received -- 0ms
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