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- I m using Pix 525 and Cisco VPN Clinet on XP. I am successly able to establsihed the connection. A remote user throug modem / ISP is able to connect to my pix firewall after the authenticaiton from AAA server. On successful connection, a IP address is alloted to the remote client from the Pool, but the client is not able to ping the internal network.

Internal network /24 Pool Network /24

Which access list should I apply so that the remote clinet (POOL) can access the Intennal network ( Domain server, Mail Server) and what other services can I use.

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Hemat Maheshwari
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By default PIX blocks from a higher security to lower security interface. With Access VPN, even though you have successfully connected and gotten and address you still have to have an ACL to permit traffic to Inside. Try an Any-Any ACL with a Source address of Apply it from Outside to Inside. It is easiest to do this with the PDM GUI tool on the PIX.

Steve Griffin

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