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The scenario is the following, would it be possible?

1 PIX 501 with a DHCP external IP. The PIX is not supposed to reboot often, like, ... never :-)

Behind the PIX,, .1 being the inside IP address.

For the Lan behind, will be assigned dynamically, PIX being a dhcp server for the inside.

Inside the LAN, my question is about a FreeBSD sever I want to assign a static IP, like .50. From the Outside internet, I need to static nat the inside FreeBSD to reach the SSH port on 22/tcp. Being said the PIX 501 will not be reached from the external Internet on the SSH management port, it is possible to nat the 22/tcp external IP to the inside freeBSD server?

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If you have enabled shh on the pix. You can not open ssh grom internet to your freebsd.

I have solve this problem to my freebsd with "PAT" port 22 to 2222

access-list outin permit tcp any any eq 2222 static (inside,outside) tcp interface 2222 bsd ssh netmask 0 0 access-group outin in interface outside


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Mr Ping

yes you can do that


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