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We have a network at headquarters that resides on a subnet. That network is connected via frame relay to 7 remote sites on a,,, up to subnet. To keep the subnets uniform at the remote sites and at HQ we want to change the remote site subnets to,,, up to Each subnet at each location gets it's ip address from a dhcp server at that particular site. My question is can dhcp request and ip address allocations cross router from remote site to headquarters or vice versa? We want our address allocation to remain the same (site specific dhcp)
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normally DHCP requests are blocked at the router - since they are "broadcasts", however, you can add a "helper relay" definition for each router and specify where to "forward" the DHCP requests... We had the same setup - for our 50 remote sites - and served they all from a central location - actually 2 locations -

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Phil Schuman

It's in the address space so I'm not sure what the benefit of doing this is. Unless you're just using it "as an example only"

You can if you use "ip helper-address IP_OF_DHCP_SERVER" at each ethernet interface. But when you do this, it actually opens up a lot of unwanted broadcasts packets by default. So you should lock it back down.


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