default routes PIX.

I've found the following the following sentence

# If you have two interfaces, you can use two default routes. If you have three or more interfaces, you can have only one default route to the outside router.


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do you know why having only 2 interfaces you can have 2 default routes while having more only one ?

That's true for PIX 5.1. Is it the same for upper release?


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I looked over that link carefully. Those two sentances do not occur together, but they do occur individually.

I am certain that the line about allowing two default routes is a mistake. There are at least 3 places in the document that say specifically that you can only have one default route on the PIX.

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Walter Roberson

Anyway I tried (during a moment of outage not due to me) and it lets you specify more than one default route having different metric.


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