PIX 501 configuration from scratch

Hi guys, Very simple network, one static IP and one Win2003 Domain Controller. I just need to open SMTP and RDP from the external. Is there a procedure out there on the internet to set this up? (from scratch, one command at a time) Please help this new Cisco user! =) Thanks guys.

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Ian McKellan
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Hi Mc, Which IOS version youare using.

Here is an example from starting PIX>en PIX# config t# interface ethernet0 auto config t# nameif ethernet0 outside security0 config t# interface ethernet1 auto config t# nameif ethernet1 inside security100 config t# ip address outside "ip""subnetmask" config t# ip address inside "ip""subnetmask" config t# nat (inside) 1 0 0 config t# global (outside) 1 interface config t# access-list acl-out permit icmp any any config t# access-list acl-out permit tcp any any eq 3389 config t# access-list acl-out permit tcp any any eq smtp config t# access-group acl-out in interface outside. config t# route outside "netxt hope" config t# wr mem config t# Exit pix>

In above config u have to mention ip addreses accordingly


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There a quite a number of sample configs on the Cisco support site cco.cisco.com that you can access.

Suggest you start with

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Also check out PIX configuration article:

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You can google for "Cisco PIX configuration"

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