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What is the most simple way to copy my configuration from one switch to another sw. 2950 to 2950. I am swapping out sw (don't ask--inventory stuff) and I want to do it fast and painless. 16 of the 24 ports are in use and it is connecte to another sw via etherchannel. i want to configure this one on the bench and just swap them. ip add and def gate and all.


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Hi Len, Simply copy the startup config file using a tftp app from the old switch, edit it using any text editor - to change IP, default gateway and anything else you want to amend - and then copy to new switch.

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Actually, if you're looking for an exact drop-in replacement, don't edit the config at all. Instead, just build a bare-bones config on the new box to establish connectivity while it sits on the bench, and then "copy tftp startup-config" to save the one from the old box. Then pull the plug. After you've swapped them, when you power-up it will use the startup config that you copied.

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