Connecting a Linksys port to a Cisco 2611

Hi all!

Thanks again for the help regarding my earlier post on a booting loop.

I have a question. My home lab is nearly complete and I want to connect it to the Internet. I understand how to set my router port to receive and IP via the DHCP statements, connecting a cable modem to a router, but I'd like to grab one free port off of the Linksys so the rest of the home LAN will not be affected by this. Can I connect one port of the Linksys to my 2611, the Internet Router for my home lab? It's essentially a switch-to-a-router connection.



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It should be no different. The linksys connects to the cable modem on the external side and gives an internal IP to the router, unless of course you have multiple public IPs and then you will need a basic switch to split off the public IPs. Your only challenge will be telneting/sshing to the router from the internet when it is no longer addressed publicly. You can use either port forwarding, or use remote desktop/VNC to a PC on the LAN who can then telnet/ssh to the router to get into your lab. Hope this makes sense.

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Yes it does.

From what I have gathered here, it would look like the 2611 will get an IP from the Linksys and I'll use that on my home lab for Internet access-probably for the Win2003 server and the Linux box. I'll use NAT/PAT to allow this.

Stay tuned...


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