Cisco 2611, NAT, and Default Routes

I've been searching for several days for a solution to this but I'm sure I'm not the only one who could have come across this.....

I'm testing a configuration with the objective of replacing my Linksys home router with a 2611 running IOS 12.2(8)T5, but I'm having trouble with default routing. Here's the setup:

*Cable Modem* ISP issued IP>>
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Remove all static default routes.

The IOS DHCP client should install a default route that it obtains from the DHCP server. IOS does it in a slightly smart manor. It'll install the default route with an admin distance of 254, which means a static config will override what the DHCP server hands out, but if you have no default route, the DHCP client should get the default route automatically.

But, if you aren't expecting this, you don't know, and you'll get confused..

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Doug McIntyre

Also, another tip - please don't use easily cracked passwords! Or at least don't post them to newsgroups. I was able to decrypt your password in less than 5 seconds. Please change it immediately!

If you must paste your config, it's good to use the "show tech- support" command, as this "sanitizes" the output and removes easily crackable passwords.


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