Configuration Problem with call manager


First a bit of information on what we are using: Cisco Call manager 4

7940 series telephones, These phones have two incoming lines that can be used.

Now we have the following situation: Caller A has an active telephone call. On the same number(second line) she is getting an second incoming call(Caller C).

Now we want to create the following situation:

  1. Caller A can hear that she is getting an second incoming call.(Fixed)
  2. Caller C can hear that caller A has an other line(e.g. busy tone)
  3. The phone of Caller A registers the phone call as an missed call(Fixed)

Part 1 we already have created with changing the Ring Setting of Busy Station. Part 2 is the great mystery to us. Part 3. At this point this is already fixed.

We want that Caller C can hear that Caller A has an active phone call. So that he can choose to wait: for Caller A to accept his phone call the Voicemail or decide to hang up.

Preferably we want to use an other tone then the busy tone. If this isn't possible then the busy tone will do too.

Is there anyone who has experience with this our knows an solution?

Thanks in advance, E. Konta

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E. Konta
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I'm not an expert in this area, but I think you would need "Contact Center Express" to do this, and then I don't think this scenario will work the way you want it to...


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