CLID problem


I have a Cisco AS5300 with 12.2(15)T14 IOS version onboard and two e1 interfaces connected to PSTN.

I would like to send CLID in an outgoing ISDN calls. I am using SIP to call Cisco. Unfortunately i always get the following debug message and no CLID on pstn side: EVENTd: pak_private_number: Calling Number IE is being stripped EVENTd: pak_private_number: Packing Calling Pty. Num. without digits SERROR: pak_private_number: didn't copy oct3a reason: not CALLER_NUMBER_IE EVENTd: pak_public_number: Calling Number IE is being stripped.

What is more the outgoing call sends the base number of my number range.

Could You please give me an advice how to get out of that.

Thanks, Mac

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OK, the problem is solved in ver 12.3(13) and maybe in whole 12.3 ver releases.

Anyway i do not know if i could overcome this case in 12.2(15). I quess, rather not.


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