CISCO wireless LAN working only with Cisco Cards

Our office has a cisco-based wireless lan using LEAP to authenticate. using cisco aironet 350 PCMCIA cards, everything works fine.

Settings are dynamic WEP We authenticate using our domain username and password

However, I (and our IS network guy) cannot get intel pro wireless 2100 or 2200bg mini-pci wireless NICs to work in Dell D series laptops (these are the intel centrino wireless cards). This is using Windows


the MAC of the mini-PCI nic is enabled on the WLAN.

I have the latest drivers and ProSet utility, and the Card will associate with the access point but not authenticate. After like 5 minutes I get a message "802.1x failed challenge, check user credentials" my username and password are correct.

One search of wi-fi forums found a similar problem which was resolved by changing framing to rfc1042, which our AP's are already set at.

I am far from a cisco network wizard. I am wondering if this type of problem is common and may have a straightforward solution. I think our IS team has kind of said forget it and mandated cisco aironet 350 pcmcia cards, and it just kind of bugs me to have a laptop with internal wireless tha supposedly supports LEAP and not be able to use it.


Dennis Brenner

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A few guesses: - Open Authentication + EAP is *not* enabled and "Network EAP" is the only allowed method Authenticate via "Network EAP" works only with Aironet 340/350 cards.

- I don't know if the Intel drivers can do the Cisco propietary CKIP/CMIC prededessor of TKIP/Michael.

- CCKM requiered. Then CCX v2 are mandatory.

AFAIK Intel claims the Centrino to be "Cisco compatible" meaning it has the CCX (Cisco Compatible eXtensions). CKIP/CMIC and a LEAP supplicant are part of CCX. But perhaps not with W2k, WinXP only???

Don't believe in Centrino. The Atheros based cards (like Cisco CB21ag) are *much* better, except expensive advertising and marketing campains.

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Uli Link

"Enabled - Use 802.1x - EAP Cisco (LEAP) This is a version of EAP that is available only when a Cisco wireless adapter or Cisco-compliant wireless adapter is installed in your system. It uses authentication and dynamic encryption keys to secure the wireless network.

To enable the use of CKIP encryption, check Enable Cisco Compatible Mode. "

This is in my IBM Access Connection help menu, on my thinkpad that is centrino, T42, all the latest patches, XP pro,...I do have a first option but not the second "Enable Cisco Compatible Mode" check box. Leading me to believe it's not supported with the centrino, but would work through the IBM setup if I had a compatible card installed.

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