Cisco PIX 501 - 101

101, intro to the PIX 501, kinda like Philosophy101... For total beginners...

I have asked the same question a few different ways and for the most part the answers have been WAY over my head but - here goes again.

I recently purchased a PIX 501.

I know next to nothing about configuring it.

I hooked it up to my cable modem and everything is now flowing through it.

I reset it so everything is back to factory default values.

I am able to access it through HyperTerminal OR through the Web Utility, I prefer HyperTerminal.

So HERE is my question:

  1. Now that it is hooked up and reset what is a next step I can take to FURTHER secure my PC through configuration of the PIX?

  1. What is the EXACT command I would type to prevent the PIX from allowing outbound traffic through a certain port, say 27374?

a. First get into configure terminal mode and type "access-list deny_outbound deny tcp any any eq 27374" and press enter?

b. Then type "clear xlate" and press enter?

c.Then type "access-list deny_outbound permit ip any any" and press enter?

Question 2 is what I got from this earlier post:

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..but the answer was not quite clear enough for me to understand...

At any rate, I'm trying again so please help me if you think you can.

I'm more interested in the answer to question 1, I just want to make my PC as secure as possible from unwanted inbound and outbound connection attempts.


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You don't have to deny it, default action of the Pix is to deny any inbound. Check out this link, it's made for beginers such as yourself.

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