Router 3640 and PIX 501 question

Hello I have question i have Internet access and Behind ISP is Router 3640 (Wan / Piblic IP (16 Public IP's) - behind Router is PIX 501 Router is user as Gateway for PIX and pix is a firewall to local network

My question is Can i use nbar to cut p2p ?

Network looks like ISP----(Wan IP)3640(Public IP)----(Public IP)PIX 501-Local network

I wan to cut all P2P i would like to cur MSN messenger as well

Thank You Robert

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Why have your router run NBAR when you can do the same on the 501 with much less processing power? Just simply filter out the following protocols

port-map fasttrack tcp 1214 port-map gnutella tcp 6346 6347 6348 6349 6355 5634 port-map napster tcp 6699 8875 8888 7777 6700 6666 6677

6688 4444 5555

and MSN go to

formatting link
look it up also any other apps you are worried about ie e-donkey etc etc

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Thank you Robert

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