Internet Bandwidth Capacity Planning


I've been searching for a method to estimate bandwidth requirements for an Internet application we are developing.

The average transaction is estimated to have a 2Mb data transfer and each transaction will last an average of 3 minutes (assuming there is no bandwidth constraint). If we have 200 transactions in a peak hour, what bandwidth do we need to provide assuming we would like to maintain the average transaction time of 3 minutes?

Similarly, what bandwidth consumption are our clients likely to expect for

200 transactions at peak times assuming they have a 34Mb Internet circuit i.e. what % of available bandwidth will be consumed during a peak hour with 200 concurrent transactions?

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If this is homework then use the tools and techniques expected by your examiners.

If it is a commercial activity you need to either hire a suitable consultant or carry out testing.

The mathematics of queuing theory produce some rather surprising results, no I don't know what they are but I do know to expect unexpected delays.

You might ne able to carry out a smaller scale proportional test but I am not sure if this will produce the required results.

Nistnet is your friend.

If you do not have the resources to do the full analysis or full testing I would calculate the minimum requirements assuming perfect efficiency and then incorporate a safety factor of maybe 2 or

  1. Looks like homework to me.

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