Block internal IP with Cisco PIX 501

Can I block a specific internal IP or range of IP from accessing the outside interface ie internet on a PIX 501. If so, I was hoping for a little help with the command line. Thanks in advance!

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You have to define an access-list that matches the IP range you want to block, e.g. access-list nointernet deny access-group nointernet out interface outside This should do the trick.

Regards, Christoph Gartmann

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Christoph Gartmann

You can't apply an access list 'out' on the outside interface on a Pix 501. That is only supported in version 7.

Try ..

access-list nointernet deny ip any access-list nointernet permit ip any any

access-group nointernet in interface inside

Or, you just set up NAT/PAT for the networks that you wish to have outbound access.


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