I am trying to install an IOS into a 2502 Router. However, when the TFTP server reaches 50 % I get an error message which is "Buffer overflow - 4193792 / 4193728". Why am I getting this message? When I do a sh version I get this output. I believe I have enough memory. The image which I am trying to load is c2500-i-l.121-25.bin.

Thank You, vreyesii

3000 Software (IGS-RXBOOT Bootstrap), Version 9.14(4) fc3, RELEASE SOFTWARE Copyright (c) 1986-1993 by cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Mon 13-Dec-93 15:53 by chansen

System Bootstrap, Version (3.3), SOFTWARE

enyrouter uptime is 15 minutes System restarted by power-on Running default software

cisco 3000 (68030) processor (revision B) with 16384K/2048K bytes of memory. Processor board serial number 01226532 DDN X.25 software, Version 2.0, NET2 and BFE compliant.

1 Token Ring/IEEE 802.5 interface. 2 Serial network interfaces. 32K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory. 4096K bytes of Flash address space sized on CPU board. Configuration register is 0x2101
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Hi Vreyesii,

It sounds like you have reached a SIZE limit of the TFTP Server S/W you are using,, however that is noramy around the 16MB size, not 4MB. One frequent failure that has been identfied is that some TFTP Server S/W doesnt correctly handle the large File sizes used these days. You need to use an updated TFTP Server. I use 3cdaemon and that handles large files fine.


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Hi Peter,

I tried updating the TFTP Server and I still have the same problem. Do you think its the amount of Flash memory that the router has is not enough?



Peter wrote:

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"4096K bytes of Flash address space sized on CPU board. "

You appear to have 4M of flash.

The tftp issue by the way is that there is a max file size of

32M 64k x 512

Some implementations of tftp used signed numbers for the block counter and went wrong at 16M file size.

I like tftpd32.exe

formatting link
no install, small just run it.

It is though getting more and more features but old versions are still on the web site.

I use 2.2 which does /not/ have a dhcp server.

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Thanks for the help looks like I am going to have to get more Flash memory.


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