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We have some fairly major upgrades that are going to be taking place with
our 6500 series switch. Will cisco support help us with the upgrades or are
they mainly just there for problems. I would love it if we could explain
what we are going to do and why and have them check our work if you will to
make sure we are doing it correctly.
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Bryan Martin
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Hi Bryan,
You may wish to contact directly your local Cisco Office:
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Brad Reese BradReese.Com - Cisco Network Engineer Directory
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Hendersonville Road, Suite 17 Asheville, North Carolina USA 28803 USA & Canada: 877-549-2680 International: 828-277-7272 Fax: 775-254-3558 AIM: R2MGrant BradReese.Com - Cisco Power Supply Headquarters
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My view is:- TAC is not designed for this. They will answer specific questions but in this case what you appear to need is some consultancy. Cisco do have a consulting arm but at one time (I don't know what it is like now) you had to buy a years worth from them which cost a lot. You did though get access to very, very good people. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the NSA team and without exception they have been very good at their jobs.
If your network is live then the problem that you are going to have is that one weekend you decide to do the job - if something is not right you call TAC but when you tell them that it is not a Network Down Emergency they will put you on Priority 3 which may not get you going before Monday. Now of course you may want to try subterfuge (it has been workin gperfectly for years) but if it is a complex network they are quite likely to figure out what you are up to.
When did this problem first appear? - they will ask. Oh, that was today when we applied the network re-design.
If you are buying anything get the design qualified by pre-sales BEFORE you order.
Your re-seller may be prepared to assist you.
TAC can be of some use if you are able to do enough to ask specific questions. I got them to help with installing a second (secondary) Call Manager. The thing with this is that since it was a secondary there was not really much prospect of blowing up the primary and if it didn't work all we had to do was turn it off and try again the next weekend.
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