Cisco 877 & Cisco 827 as backup

Hi Guys,

I have got 2 ADSL Cisco Routers 877 and 827. We want to setup these up as the 877 Primary and 827 as backup. - we have done this with 56k modem before

They both connect to the same ISP and connect fine. We have a Class C which gets routed down both links (same priority)

The Routes for the routers are

877 (


827 (


The problem is that the ISP traffic data comes in on the 827 we want it to come in on the 877. The ISP has told us to set the router (827) to dial up on demand.

Can anyone tell me the command to put into the Cisco 827?

Thanks Rgds SImon.

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Simon Gronow
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Hi Simon,

I'm not sure about the dial on demand config, but would it be possible for the ISP to advertise two /25 subnets on the 877 link & the /24 subnet on the 827 link? That way, the more specific routes on the 877 would ensure all traffic goes down that link until it goes down, when it would switch to the 827 link. Just a different way of achieving the same goal that we've used a few times.



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Yeap, thats what I thought too

waiting on my ISP to come back to me re: this

Thanks Al - Anyone else want to comment?

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