Cisco 877 as a simple WLAN Client?

Hi group

I have a Cisco 877W and another WLAN Router with Internet connectivity. Can i use the 877 as a simple Router between die LAN on the other WLAN Router and the LAN on the 877?

Network A: Subnet: Cisco 877 Router without Internet (LAN: / WLAN:

Network B: Subnet: Other, full open WLAN Router without Encryption (LAN:

I just want to connect the Network A to the Network B with NAT in the Network A (to block the access for the Clients from the Network B, but this is not a must). On the Cisco 877, there is no need that WLAN Clients can connect to this router. On the Network A, the clients must have the Cisco 877 LAN Address as Gateway to access to the internet.

Network A ----Wired----> Cisco877 ----Wireless---->

OtherAccessPoint ----Wired----> Network B ----Wired---->


anybody who have an example for a config like that?

thank you!


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Try putting radio into universal mode (non-root):

int dot11Radio station-role non-root

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Wow, now i can ping on the Cisco 877 the Access Point on the other side - a big step :-), but when i try to set the route to the Cisco

877 and i try the ping on the computer to the other AP, nothing come back, i think it's because the NAT is not correct configured on the Cisco 877.

Thanks a lot


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