Setup split tunnel to allow access to local lan using cisco vpn client

Need to know how to setup a split-tunnel on a 2621 dsl router to allow a cisco vpn client user the abuility to retain their local lan access. Also need acl to only allow port 3306 and port 4899 Would it be something to the order of: ! Split-tunnel info access-list enochlan permit ip vpngroup tunnel1 split-tunnel enochlan

Then do we create extended acls to this tunnel1 and apply the acl group to the tunnel1 interface?

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Jon L. Miller
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This is probably what you are looking for:

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Note split-tunnel config:

crypto isakmp client configuration group hw-client-groupname key hw-client-password dns wins domain pool dynpool acl 150

"acl 150" is the split-tunnel, and "dynpool" is the ip address the client will be assigned.
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