Cisco 827 Router +frequent disconnects

We currently are using a Cisco 827 Router to connect our our Internet provider. Lately, we have been having problems with the router suddenly not being able to provide us access to the internet. The CD light is still on yet you cannot receive internet information or telnet into the router. Once you turn it off and on, it works again for about 4-5 hours. Any ideas on how to solve the problem?

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Kevin Harms
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Hi Kevin,

Just to clarify, after 4-5 hours of apparently "normal" operation, you suddenly cannot access the internet (IE pass traffic through the router) or telnet TO THE ROUTER from the INSIDE.

We need a bit more information, but here are a few questions to start

- 1. Does the Router Ethernet interface show as being UP (3rd LED from right should be ON)? 2. What address are you trying to Telnet TO on the Router, the Ethernet address, or ATM or PPP (if it exists) address or a Loopback (if it exists) address? Part of this answer may depend on exactly how your 827 is configured. 3. Have you tried using a serial port connection to the Router instead? If Serial works then the Router is alive but routing has stopped for some reason. If Serial is dead, then the Router has died (for whatever reason).

Some possible suggestions - 1. Obtain the IP address of the Ethernet Interface on the Router, and PING that address from a device on the SAME Ethernet segment. If that fails, then the Router has probably crashed... hard. If the Ethernet interface responds, then what has failed is probably your session between the Router and your ISP, and the next steps depend on how that is configured.. 2. Use the Cisco Console cable and connect to the router via its serial port. If this fails, then the Router has crashed. 3. If you are able to set up the 827 to log all events to an external Syslog Server then that may give you clues as to what happens when it fails. Leaving a device connected and logged in (make sure it doesn't time out) to the Console Port should provide this as well.

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That is correct, we cannot also log back into the router.


The Ethernet address

No, we haven't done that. Will have to find the cable.

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