Block UDP on Port 514

I am responsible for a Cisco router 7200 and we need to block UDP on port 514 on the ISP connection. I kind of have an idea with the access list, but I am not very sure how to do this.

Any help would be appericated. If you can send me and article or manual explaining the process.

Thanks for your help....Gordon

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access-list read-the manual-or-stop-IT deny udp (who you do not like) (mask you hate) (what you 'd like to keep safe) (netmask you've got your precious thing) eq 514 access-list read-the manual-or-stop-IT permit ip any any

then, an daqccess-group in the interface guilty to let the bad traff going through.

So, this is for PIX. On a router, you've got to kinda revert the netmask.



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more positive :

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Regards, Luc

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I would like to thank you, this article helped me very much!


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That's the strangest reply I've ever seen!

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