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I need an updated IOS for my 2514 routers, however, I don't have an Enterprise account w/Cisco. Can someone point me in the right direction? Or possibly just send me a current Enterprise IOS?


dummyt68 at yahoo dot com

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Cisco no longer sells IOS for 25xx routers; CCO (support contract) is the only way you can get it from them.

IOS is not transferable under most conditions (e.g., unless you buy out a company's complete assets). Germany and Denmark are exceptions; I haven't manage to figure out if any of the rest of the EU is.

Sending you IOS is not something that can legitimately be done (except maybe in the above two countries.) You'd need written permission from Cisco to get around that, and they are not at all likely to grant that permission.

Cisco has a "relicensing" program to allow buyers of used equipment to acquire rights to run the software -- but they won't relicense devices that old.

In other words, you are pretty much stuck with what you have; if it isn't sufficient then you would need to buy a newer piece of equipment from someone authorized by Cisco to offer software licenses.

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Walter Roberson

Cisco is taking an active role in curtailing the unauthorized use of grey market / used equipment without correct relicense agreements in place and rewarding customers for purchasing legitimate software relicenses for their units.

Cisco Software Relicensing For Used Cisco Units:

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