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Could someone please see about posting a copy of cisco IOS 11.3(10)T for

1600 the series? In my ccna class we used my 1605r to show an IOS upgrade (to 12.3) and its acting weird now... The class is over and I erased my flash thinking I could just download another IOS off of Nope... I wonder why you cant just download the IOS's. You obviously have a cisco router if you want the IOS. Like Linksys firmware, why not just offer it up? The original IOS for my router was: Image: c1600-sy-mz.113-10.T filename: x0000a6c (as it says on the flash card) But Ill take anything that will run on a 1605r at this point... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Curt Corwin
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There is a greater issue at play. Cisco -sells-(licenses) IOS. Its not considered a free "part" that comes with your router. Because of that you cant "just download it".

On the positivie side, if you are affiliated with the Cisco Academy Program you may be able to get it through your school's faculty. The question will be if Cisco still even posts that version of code. Im not positive if it still works this way but it used to be that the support desk for the academy program allowed instructors access to most code. But its been a while since I last taught Academy so I cant promise they still do.

I would suggest trying Ebay... every now and then someone (albeit foolishly) sells a CD rom with ALL kinds of IOS on it. likewise, you'll also find folks selling the PCMCIA cards with code on them.

good luck


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I have no idea if this is legal or not. I would assume it would be okay for you to install the same IOS version that you deleted.... that may be covered under the license.

Anyway, if it is, why not just copy the IOS off of another router in class? Or return it to your instructor and have him/her do it for you. It seems as though if you took part in an actual class, there may be others with the same model router and the same version of the IOS on them. I'm not offering legal advice, just practically how you can get your hands on the IOS.

Good luck.

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