Cisco 1510 AP and WCS

As a pilot project, I have had 3 1510 APs deployed on my network for about 4 months with no problems.

I'm in the process of adding the rest to have full coverage, but have run into a problem. The AP is talking to the network, getting a DHCP address, but the address keeps incrementing every couple minutes, almost like it's rebooting, but I never lose the link light. It seems like I saw where someone had this problem before.

I've currently got the AP plugged directly into the 3650 switch in my server room, the port is on the correct vlan. The switch is also acting as the dhcp server for this vlan, with the option 43 configured. Everything looks right but I haven't been able to track this down.

Do you guys have any ideas, or remember what we did when you were here???

Thanks Randy

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