Changing access-groups


Using a C877W-M running 15.0(1)M1

Should I be able to change the access-group on dialer 1 without killing traffic?

I replaced:

ip access-group 100 in

by running the command:

ip access-group test in

each access-list was completely trivial. However as soon as I change the access-group it seems to kill all traffic through the interface until I run a:

clear interface dialer 1

Is this expected behaviour? I thought changing the access-group on an interface was meant to be a safe and atomic way to change an access list!


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Mark Knight
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Funny since I've done the same a trilion times so far never experienced such issues, but on IOS versions 12.4 and 12.3. It sounds like a bug to me. Do you face the same problem when you type: 'no ip access-group 100' in and then 'ip access-group test in'? That's the way I'm always doing it.

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Igor Mamuzic aka Pseto

In message , Igor Mamuzic aka Pseto writes

Thanks for your reply. Even just "no ip access-group test in" bring traffic to a crashing halt.

Damn, I upgraded to overcome a bug (after downgrading to overcome a bug). This isn't good!

124(24).T2 = Broken IPv6 124(24).T = Broken DHCP 150(1).M1 = Broken access lists


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Mark Knight

Mark, probably the best release is 12.4.20(T4). It's IPv6 is not so broken and it works well with A&A. IPv6 will even work over the wireless provided it's not bridged to the ethernet.

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