CBQoS Mib object index vlaue confusion

CBQoS Mib object index vlaue confusion

I am working with Cbqos mib snmp and i have 2 policy's configured on the router, one for the policing and other for marking. below is the config

policy-map POLICE


police 10000000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop

policy-map MARKING class ABC set ip precedence 6 set qos-group 6 class XYZ set ip precedence 5 set qos-group 5 class EFG set ip precedence 1 set qos-group 1 class MISC set ip precedence 0 set qos-group 0

Now Policy MARKING is applied on multiple interfaces of the router IN direction

when we see the cbqos Actions in tool, we see that interface is doing marking and Policing action also, but in config we see tht we have configured it for marking only.

After some troubleshooting, i saw tht cbqos object index which should be unique, its not below is the walk which clarifies it ...

same index value is been used for the multiple running instance of service-policy MARKING

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 17223898

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 351686093

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 621087690

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 1939966601

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 351551825

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 651568212

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 1893000480

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 309953102

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 622917584

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 1895345379

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 378168697

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 572510174

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 1895460567

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 1593

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 1594

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32: 17223898

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 351686093

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 621087690

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 1939966601

ciscoMgmt. : Unsigned32:351551825

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 651568212

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 1893000480

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 309953102

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 622917584

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 1895345379

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 378168697

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 572510174

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 1895460567

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 1593

ciscoMgmt. :Unsigned32: 1594

Is this a Normal behaviour where the service instance runing on the multiple interface will have the same object index value ?

As per the Doc the Config Index value should be unique per Policy Map config. But below walks show that same Index Value has been used for the 2 differnet Policy map.

cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2432.1 : INTEGER: policymap cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2432.65536 : INTEGER: classmap cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2432.65537 : INTEGER: matchStatement cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2432.65538 : INTEGER: set cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2432.131072 : INTEGER: classmap cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2432.131073 : INTEGER: matchStatement cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.1 : INTEGER: policymap cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.65536 : INTEGER: classmap cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.65537 : INTEGER: matchStatement cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.65538 : INTEGER: police cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.131072 : INTEGER: classmap cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.131073 : INTEGER: matchStatement cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.131074 : INTEGER: police cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.196608 : INTEGER: classmap cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.196609 : INTEGER: matchStatement cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.196610 : INTEGER: police cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.262144 : INTEGER: classmap

cbQosObjectsTable.cbQosObjectsEntry.cbQosObjectsType.2482.262145 : INTEGER: matchStatement


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