port rate limit on 3750

Can a cisco 3750 (regular or Metro) switch be used to specify the speed for each sepparate port. If yes where can I find more information regarding the configuration.

The idea is to limit the internet access speed for several customers each connected to a different port on the 3750.

Is there any cheaper switch then the 3750 that can do that?


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Someone feel free to correct me where I am wrong, but switches like this do not limit ports at an individual basis. You can put on an ACL, or use QoS to place the traffic from that port in a particular bucket, and then use your core, WAN or internet routers to limit the traffic based on the ACL or marking (or a CAR statement), but I am not aware of a configuration command that will allow you to do that on a port with one command. I have not tinkered with 3570s, so perhaps someone else can clarify.

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Here is a great thread from another board, that has links and a good discussion:

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is on a 3550 Switch that we use to rate-limit multiple customers. Now you can turn on MLS QOS and configure individual customers as well. Either way you will need to test the throughput to make sure you have the right burst setting.

class-map match-all internet-to-CustA match access-group name internet-to-CustA

class-map match-all CustA-to-internet match access-group name CustA-to-internet

class-map match-all internet-to-CustB match access-group name internet-to-CustB

class-map match-all CustB-to-internet match access-group name CustB-to-internet ! ! policy-map CPEs-to-internet class CustB-to-internet police 6144000 1152000 exceed-action drop class CustA-to-internet police 3072000 576000 exceed-action drop

policy-map internet-to-CPEs class internet-to-CustB police 6144000 1152000 exceed-action drop class internet-to-CustA police 3072000 576000 exceed-action drop

interface GigabitEthernet0/1 description Core Network switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode trunk no ip address service-policy input CPEs-to-internet

interface GigabitEthernet0/2 description TO-> CustB Network switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk allowed vlan 711-720 switchport mode trunk no ip address service-policy input internet-to-CPEs no cdp enable

ip access-list extended CustA-to-internet remark Match Traffic destined for CustA permit ip any 207.x.x.x ip access-list extended CustB-to-internet remark Match Traffic destined for CustB permit ip any 207.x.x.0 ip access-list extended internet-to-CustA remark Match traffic sourcing from interCPEs permit ip 207.x.x.x any ip access-list extended internet-to-CustB remark Match traffic sourcing from interCPEs permit ip 207.x.x.0 any



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Yes, since the 3750 is a layer 3 switch, you can do the marking and limiting on the same device. Thanks for the example Jeremy.

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you need to check about whether this is traffic into the switch from the customer port, or going out to them (for consumers you usually worry over traffic to them, but a hosting centre probably cares about traffic from servers into the switch).

3560 / 3750 only police on inbound traffic.

there is an interface command to limit bandwidth on outbound interface to a % of link speed that may do what you want. srr-queue bandwidth limit - this is a number between 10 and 90%.

AFAIR this only affects outbound, but may do inbound as well.

if you need QoS it still works when you use the limit command - which is much better than other switches i have tried to do similar things on. Note the switch uses a complicated qos model and the various mls qos are different to most other cisco boxes. i found i couldnt use the priority Q if i wanted to limit total real time traffic on an interface....

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