card type command issue

Hi all,

I am running a 2811, I have just installed a new HWIC but it is not to be 'detected'. I have tried to run the 'card type' but the command is not recognize.

The IOS version I am running is 12.4(15)T7.

Any one can help.

Thanks. Fell.

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Almost always the new HWIC needs newer version of IOS.

What does a 'show diag' give you about that slot you put it in?

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Doug McIntyre

Hi Doug,

You are right. The IOS version I am running is a bit old. I have to update it to the 12.4-20 at least. Versions above don't suppose this command.

Thanks for your answer.

Reg. Fell

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fellugh a écrit :

Hi there,

I have just install the new IOS version : 12.4-20T The card command is 'here' but returns me :

------ r006748(config)#card type e1 1 Card in slot 1 was removed or does not support command. r006748(config)#


sh diag : WIC Slot 1: 1 port channelized and PRI T1/E1 HWIC

Do you have any idea ?


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I assume you have the HWIC-1CE1T1-PRI interface card.

The docs say you need to specify two numbers after the line type..

formatting link
card type e1 1 1


Otherwise, since 12.4(20T) is the very first version with support for HWIC-1CE1T1-PRI, maybe they messed up something, try something slightly newer?

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Doug McIntyre

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the link ... Yesterday, after the new IOS installed, I was a bit disappointed as I got an other error ... I posted my question to quickly because I found the solution by my own :

r006748#card type e1 0 1

But the link is really interesting.

Thanks anyway for your reply. Fell.

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