can't set console login password

Hi, I have set my console password on a 1720 router, and saved the config., but when I exit or restart the router there is no password prompt, just goes straight into user exec mode. Is there any setting that disables the console login prompt? Thanks Gerg

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Just in case, verify the following tasks:

//config mode for the console terminal line

Router(config)#line console 0

//Specify your password


//Enable password checking at terminal session login


//highly recommended action

Router(config)#copy run start


Router(config)#sh run

Router(config)#sh start

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Thanks for the tip. In config, when I type "login", I get an "incomplete command" message. login ? gives a response of "authentication or Authentication parameters" so I'm not sure what to put here

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I am not sure but maybe you have some kind of authentication turned on that over-rides the "login" comand.

username fred privilege 15 password xxxxxxxx aaa new-model ! ! aaa authentication login userauthenticate local


line vty 0 4 privilege level 15 password 7 xxxxxxxx transport preferred all transport input telnet ssh transport output all

When I telnet ot the router I get:-

"User Access Verification

Username: fred Password:


Not the "Enabled" mode right away. Not exactly what I would like really but it does what we need.

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