Can't remove a line from Cisco 2620 config

Hello. I have had a Cisco 2620 LAN router that we have used for years. I recently purchased another 2620 router as a backup. I have copied the config from the original router to the backup router. Now the configs on both routers are identical except for one line. On the original router I have:

line con 0

On the backup router I have

line con 0 exec-timeout 0 0

I am trying to get rid of the "exec-timeout 0 0" line but it won't go away. When I add "no exec-timeout 0 0" and save it the line still shows up when I do a SHOW RUN. Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of the line. I just want it to be "line con 0" like the original, nothing else under it. Thanks for the help.

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Corbin O'Reilly
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The command "exec-timeout 0 0" stops the console from logging out. This line is probably showing up because the new router has a newer ios version which implicitly shows this. I would suggest setting this on both router to around five minutes for security reasons.


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Corbin O'Reilly schrieb:

Set the exec-timeout value back to its default:

exec-timeout 10

That'll make it vanish from "show run".


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Tilman Schmidt


line con 0 default exec-timeout

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Thanks everyone for your help.

Adding default exec-timeout fixed my issue.

The configurations of my two 2620 routers now match perfectly.

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