Can not see my home network across router ports, Pt 2.5

Thanks for the replies! I guess I need to narrow my attention a little and break this up so I can relly understand what is happening...

So please, let's forget about the dlink router for a minute. (If we can anway) I'd like help to resolve the internal network issue first.

How can I get my two networks talking to each other across the cisco router? If I can just start here, I can get a second Cisco router, replace the D-Link, and NP. But I need to figure out the sharing of devices across the router for now. (Original post title is similar to this post title)

Thank you, Gerald

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Change your PC's to use the Cisco as their default gateways on both sides. Until you get the routing fixed on one of the subnets only the one it is on will go to the internet.

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