Can I use DHCP helper on a Pix that uses NAT?

I have a private network ( NATed behind a Pix 515 firewall. I use the DHCP helper on the Pix to forward DHCP requests to a DHCP server outside the private network.

The DHCP server gets the DHCP request (which was forward by the Pix), and responds with a DHCP offer. However, the DHCP server is trying to send the packet back to the private IP address of the Pix. Since there is no route to the private network, the packet never makes it. I want the DHCP server to reply to the outside public interface of the Pix.

Is it possible to make DHCP work in my situation? Do I need to create a route to the private network?


Tristan Rhodes

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There are NUMEROUS DHCP related bugs in 6.3; so make sure you are using minimum of 6.3(5)

You may need to all Cisco TAC and get latest 6.3(5) interim maintenace release

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