PIX 501 as a DHCP proxy


Behind a PIX 501 (PIX 6.3.5), a private network.

Here is the part of the config to get the inside hosts their IP through DHCP

dhcpd address inside dhcpd dns dhcpd lease 172800 dhcpd ping_timeout 750 dhcpd domain company.net dhcpd enable inside

The firewall inside IP is

Rather than as the DNS IP the clients'd have, I'd like to have the inside IP of the firewall.

How to do it?

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Raphael Quoilin
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Don't specify a dhcpd dns at all, and configure your outside interface for "ip address dhcp setroute". PIX 6.x can pass on DNS information it has been told by the DHCP server used to set its outside IP.

I do not recall that there is any way to configure the PIX to act as a DNS relay in any other setup. In particular, there is no way to configure something that might look like "dhcpd proxy-dns" as a dns server that the PIX should use when it receives a DNS request on the inside interface.

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