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Wonder if someone can point me in the right direction...? I have a PIX 515E that I'm using as an internal firewall in a classic internet | firewall | dmz | firewall | internal LAN config.

the inside (internal lan) interface address is and the outside (dmz) address is There are several hosts within the DMZ (,, etc).

Now what I want to do is reference a DMZ host (say using an inside network IP address ( say) - so that an internally connected PC can ping the DMZ host using the address.

I've issued the command "static (inside, outside)"

Then ACLed to allow "icmp any" to the DMZ host ( However, its not working? Can anyone give me any pointers to what is wrong here?

Any help greatly appreciated!



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You have to do " static (outside,inside)" and not "static (inside,outside)"

since you want to mask an outside IP to the inside , and not mask an inside IP to the outside.

static (outside,inside) netmask 0 0

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OK - done that..... still no joy.... pinging doesn't work..... anything else that I'm missing?

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can you post your config

-nat - global - static - acl - and access-group

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