Hi all:

We are planning to install a little Call Manager Express solution based on a star topology:

- 1760 Router on central node.

- Cisco IP Telephone on central node.

- ATA-186 on remote node 1.

- ATA-186 on remote node 2.

We are worry about switches especifications. We want not to invest too much in switch if it´s not really necessesary...

  • Do we need specific CISCO switches for the solution to work fine?
  • Must switches comply with any specific protocol? 802.1p? 802.1q?
  • Do we need to configure switches?

We have some experience with Call Manager solution based on similar topology and including CISCO switches (C2940-8TF-S on remote nodes and C3550-24-SMI on central node). System works fine and we didn´t need to config anything on the switches...

Thanks for your attention

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You may wish to investigate the "IP Communications" section of Cisco's Solution Designer:

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and Cisco ConfigMaker Software may be helpful too:

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