c2600 - QoS in bridge mode

Hello I would like to do this:

Router R1 - to the internet. atm0/0.1 atm to internet fast0/0 lan side

Since I am not able to do QoS on the outgoing ATM interface, I would like to drop a 2600 in bridge mode to do QoS.

I am not able to create a bridge!!!

conf t (config) bridge 1 protocol ieee

interface fa0/0 no ip addr bridge-group 1 interface fa0/1 no ip addr bridge-group 1

I am trying it on GNS3 simulator (latest version) on a c2611XM router.

This is a part of the QoS, and I would like to apply the service policy to the outgoing interface.

policy-map GLOBAL-QOS-UP class TO-R1 shape average 490000 service-policy UPLINK-R1-SHAPE-UP

(with all the other confs).

My question is: Assuming that I will be able to create the bridge, can I apply this part of QoS on a phisical interface? I just need outgoing QoS (from LAN to internet)

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Elia S.
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Have a look at

formatting link
regarding your problem running bridging.

Don't think that works. Had some problems running ACLs on bridged interface= s. Depending on used platform I could apply them to BVI and physical interf= ace without any effect while ACLs worked on different platforms. Could be t= he same with QoS. But give it a try and let me know your result.


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