QoS for VOIP on cisco 1851


I am trying to configure QoS for VOIP and Video Conference traffic and am having some difficutly in succeeding.

I have applied the following policy map and class map to the interface on the outgoing interface fe0/0 which is being shaped into a 2mbps link:

access-list 110 permit ip host any access-list 120 permit ip host any access-list 199 permit ip any any

class-map match-any Voice_Video_Traffic match access-group 110 match access-group 120

class-map match-any Citrix match access-group 130

policy-map QoS class Voice_Video_Traffic priority percent 35 class Citrix bandwidth percent 20 class class-default

Interface FastEthernet 0/0 service-policy output QoS traffic-shape group 199 2097152 262144 262144 1000

I can see the packets conforming to the policy, traffic shaping and the access lists when there is congestion but I still seem to be getting degredation of VOIP traffic on the link. Is there something that I have missed here? do I need to apply something other than CBWFQ for QoS to work?

any ideas would be much appreciated.


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