ASA NAT Question


My network looks something like this:

Internet ----> Router ---> ASA ----> Server (with Exchange and ISA)


What I want is for my router to route to the internet and perform basic packet filtering with some ACLs (works). I want my ASA to have ACLs and inspect traffic, perform NAT, and eventually terminate VPNs. All traffic will be proxied by the ISA server.

With the ASA taken out of the mix, I have no problems (I just have the router do NAT). However when I put the ASA in, no traffic goes through it and I am not seeing hits on the ACLs (like they are being dropped).

For NAT on the ASA, what i am trying to do is have a private PTP network between my ASA and router and have my ASA make translations to a public address. What I need it to do is this:

Translate user traffic with PAT Translate mail traffic to hand to the Exchange server, which is the same server that all traffic is coming from.

How can I accomplish this? If I just have a single translation, will the server know to pass the email traffic to the mail server and pass the other traffic through the server to the PC's?


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