ASA 5520.

Hi folks,

to setup an 100 teleworkers environment I'm thinking to buy an ASA 5520.

Is there anyone who can tell me what are the features, if any, that can be added to it? I mean memory expansion, VPN hardware encryption features, more interfaces....

I had a look at

formatting link
but it seems that they are not upgradable (Finesse apart). Is there perhaps another where to check what can be added to an ASA?

Thanks in advance


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You can definately add more interfaces, there is an expansion module for it, an SSM-4GE

Do you have larger than a 225Mb internet pipe? If not, why would you need an accelaration module? It's 3DES/AES throughput it 225Mb.

As far as the memory, you don't need it, they are built with all the memory that you could possibly need for it with available features, adding more memory does not make it run faster or better, it's not like a PC or Server.

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