aironet 1200 - two vlan's, dhcp question

scenario: aironet 1200 connected to 6509 VLAN 1 - native vlan vlan 20 - wireless vlan (radius/wpa/tkip) vlan 21 - wireless vlan (wep)

dhcp server is a win2k3 server ip helper addresses are configured for the vlan interfaces on the 6509

6509 switchport is configured as a trunk, allowing only vlans 1, 20, and 21 to said aironet 1200 (12.3.(4))

vlan20 wireless clients (wpa/tkip) receive a dhcp address just fine when associating vlan21 wireless clients (wep) are unable to obtain a dhcp address from my win2k3 server. if i assign a static IP to wep clients , wireless works fine.

any hints? tips?


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John Smith
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cancel question - was problem w/ wep key

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